What We Do

Singular Global was created to identify managers of funds and investment entities who possess integrity and passion to complement their proven talents.  This emphasis on integrity and passion begins with the Singular Global team and its associated parties.

Specializing in alternative investments since 1989, the Singular Global team has accompanied the evolution of the hedge fund universe.  The firm’s global network of hedge fund managers, investors, financial entities, and analysts reflect the depth of its twenty-six plus years of experience.

Singular Global specializes in hedge fund, private equity, and real estate investment opportunities.  The firm has been actively raising capital for select investment managers on a global scale.  The firm also partners with investment managers to raise capital and plays a strategic business development role.

Funds must meet our extensive criteria including a clearly demonstrated edge within their strategy, repeatable investment process, strong team background, robust institutional infrastructure, solid regulatory history, reputable service providers, and an appreciation for pro-active and transparent communication with investors. Our clients include institutional investors of all sizes and types including endowments, foundations, banks, investment advisors, consultants, funds of funds, as well as family offices and high net worth individuals.